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My Vision for You

Are You at the Top of Your Game?

Do you experience pre-competition jitters? Maybe you run out of steam in the middle of your performance? Are you suffering from a sports injury that just won’t heal?  

 Joanmarie Vanaski CNT, established Belladonna Nutrition Dynamic with the vision to meet the needs of dancers and athletes, or anyone at any age who loves to move and stay healthy.

   As a seasoned ballroom competitor, Joanmarie certainly has first hand knowledge of the physical and mental challenges an athlete may experience before, during and after taking the stage! With over 25 years of rigorous study in the field of health, nutrition and wellness, combined with her knowledge of what it takes to compete, developing just the right unique nutritional program was essential to be at the top of her game.

   As a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Joanmarie wants to share this knowledge with you!   Whether you are an instructor, student or preparing to compete at any level, looking for energy, focus or even safe weight management, my individual custom designed programs will give you the winning edge!

A Simple Program That Works!

The three most common issues that any athlete wishes to avoid:

     1. Pain & injuries

      2. Performance fatigue and

      3. Feelings of anxiety & stress

These concerns are not always easy to overcome. This is where the natural therapeutic properties of plant extracts called Gemmotherapy can be applied.

 As a truly effective modality, GEMMOTHERAPY garnishes the concentrated and pristine elements of the plants embryonic nutrients, minerals, amino acids and growth factors.  Likened to plant stem cells, GEMMOTHERAPY nutrients act for the benefits of your own cellular repair, and healing.   

The young portions used in these unique plant extracts are very specific to the physiology of the body & it’s functional capability. The bio therapeutic action of GEMMOTHERAPY formulas work quickly to restore balance by clearing the body of accumulated waste material in the bones, skin, connective tissue, nervous system, lymphatic system and at the same time enhancing the nutritional rebuilding potential for cellular renewal. 

 Quite simply, GEMMOTHERAPY liquid extracts offers the totality of healing within the plant itself for complete recovery, resiliency, a proper mindset and vitality!

Are You Ready to Take It to the Next Level?

Having the right mental framework is critical for day to day training while you spend time perfecting and performing hours of movement dynamics.  When frustration, discouragement, or lack of focus & motivation strikes, FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY can revitalize emotional stability, giving you a whole new viewpoint toward your efforts.  In other words, your body achieves what your mind believes! 

These custom FLOWER ESSENCE formulas are constructed to meet the individuals preferences regarding any emotional setback that may hinder ones effort to succeed towards positive goals & enlightenment. A bonus for the use of Flower Essences are the incredible changes the physical body can make for an entire sense of well-being.


Belladonna Nutrition Dynamic offers dancers and athletes a whole mind, body and soul delivery of the BEST to make you the BEST!


Book an INITIAL NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION for $119. as a first time client, and get a FLOWER ESSENCE consult PLUS a custom FLOWER ESSENCE formulation FREE, a $51.99 Value!


The scientific and clinical use of medicinal plants such as Gemmotherapy is unique, virtually setting itself apart from traditional herbal therapies known today. All of the plant extracts are harvested at the embryonic stage of the plants growth, therefore they contain higher concentrations of phytochemicals and very specific anti inflammatory constituents  as well as a wealth of vitamins and minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, growth factors and enzymes. When consumed by humans the plant stem cell extract acts on organs and organ systems to gently stimulate and promote elimination, protein synthesis, detoxification, nourishment, RNA repair, and select tissue regeneration.

 The young buds, shoots and rootlets have a high degree of efficacy because of the energy yield produced by the pristine nutrients found within them. Therefore, this will have a significant and positive impact on future growth and renewal for the plant itself. Sequestering this energy in an extract form can result in profound changes in our own organs and tissues of the human body. In addition to their rejuvenating health benefits, they are gentle and safe with no side effects.

 Gemmotherapy is considered an anti aging phytotherapy with  the potential to improve quality of life, including long term chronic conditions. They are instrumental in modulating the body’s toxic burden while replenishing it with those perfect nutritional rejuvenating agents. Having the ability to begin working in as little as 3-4 days in most cases is exceptional, making it a therapy of choice for hard working athletes. 

One of the intriguing aspects of Gemmotherapy is the effect they have on the mental plane. It has been noted that there is a grounding and calming of the nervous system. This means mental clarity, focus and confidence, making Gemmotherapy a triple bonus for the dancer! Moving pain free, having the energy to do it and the mental well-being and clarity to get great results, Gemmotherapy herbal extracts are the perfect way to go!

Solution Synergy for Healthy Mind & Body

Improve Symptoms of Chronic Pain & Injuries

A diet that consists mostly of foods that create an inflammatory response in the body will cause tissue degradation, resulting in injuries, eventually promoting chronic pain. Making a reassessment of your nutritional antioxidant ratio and removing inflammatory foods, will do much to correct and prevent symptoms. 

Adding a GEMMOTHERAPY protocol, a unique and very effective modality, will bring great results when used in conjunction with a targeted antioxidant rich nutritional regime. GEMMOTHERAPY enhances nutrient potential and quickly repairs damaged tissues, bringing strength, ease of movement and resiliency back to ligaments, joints & connective tissue!

Calm Emotion, Mental Focus & Performance Stress

Digestive disturbances are closely related to mental and emotional imbalances. Combining a targeted enzyme and probiotic regimen will do much to optimize a sense of well- being. In addition,  FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY has the added specificity to address an individual’s issues regarding emotional stress, discouragement, anxiety, worry and lack of focus or confidence. FLOWER ESSENCES will quickly flood out negative thoughts and give you the ability to reach and sustain a more positive outlook about your performance efforts - making you ready for action!

Sustaining Energy & Muscle Recovery

Everyone who wants to move with precision requires the needed energy and stamina to back up the action. Mental stress, over work, an improper diet, uncontrolled blood sugar balance and poor sleeping habits can take its toll on energy stores. Correcting Adrenal fatigue in addition to all the issues just mentioned, along with a well designed targeted nutritional program, FLOWER ESSENCES and yes, a GEMMOTHERAPY formulation is absolutely key for generating that good clean energy critical to athletic stamina & performance!

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About My Professional Career

  •  I have been a competitively trained athlete since the age of 9 years. My passion and interest was both in dance and Synchronized Swimming. After many years of training as an elite competitor I received a scholarship to swim at The Ohio State University where I won an Intercollegiate National Championship title and was awarded an All American ranking. I  graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education and went on to become an assistant coach for the OSU Synchronized Swim Team. In 1982 I was invited to become the assistant coach for a prestigious synchronized swim team in Walnut Creek California. In 1984 I was elected as a consulting coach for the United States Olympic Synchronized Swim Team held in Los Angeles, California. 
  • About this time I was diagnosed with Scleroderma, a debilitating autoimmune disease fraught with many problems, causing pain and immobility in muscle and joints along with severe circulatory restriction. It was a quest to find just the right treatment therapy, hence I discovered the natural world of food supplements, homeopathy and herbal solutions. For the last 25 years I have not only discovered what continues to work for me, I have successfully brought solutions to those needing answers to their own personal health concerns. 
  • I have extensive knowledge as an educator in the nutritional supplement industry and dedicated many years researching and developing specialized protocols for individuals like myself. I was a contributor to a wellness health blog called Health Notes Express and I taught wellness seminars to the public for many years. 
  • I received my certification through Health Sciences Academy in the UK, in collaboration with Imperial College London and am a  member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, and a member of the Michigan Naturopathic Association. To support my knowledge I am also involved in CPD Certified Accreditation for continuing my professional development.
  • I specialize in the study of homeopathy, herbs, plant nutrition, Gemmotherapy and Flower Essences.  I support the concept of bio individual nutritional recommendations and prioritize according to the goals of the individual. My programs are simple, targeted and effective!
  •  I continue to dance with my husband and favorite partner in life~ I take my health and wellness very seriously, and yes I really love to dance!  (Pictured above with her Instructor Dwight Davis winning first place in the American Smooth Scholarship 2017)